Museum of Appalachia’s Fall Festival 2016

We had a gorgeous weekend for the annual Museum of Appalachia‘s fall festival. My booth, as usual, faced the main stage, and a feast for the ears was had by all. Shawls for young ladies were featured at my booth.

In honor of UT’s fall football schedule, a UT drawstring pouch:

crocheted pouch

Orange and white for UT

I enjoy making narrow belts and lacy scarves. Yarn colors today as wondrous so here’s some texture and some color for you viewing pleasure:

The fall festival features demonstrations of the many crafts that the early settlers had to master to survive. Soap? Get your lye pot bubbling:

lye pot

Lye pot for making soap

Several cabins on the property give us glimpses of the pioneer life:

Grinding wheels are featured everywhere on the grounds. I like the way the shadows fell upon these stones:

I love this crock which stands taller than I stand!!

large crock

Large ceramic crock

Culinary adventures included kettle corn, pulled pork sandwiches, and the treat of the day, homemade peach cobbler with homemade ice cream. With the festival over, we are ready for winter!

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Museum of Appalachia Fall Homecoming 2015: beauty and song

A brilliant sunshiny day for the Fall Homecoming at the famous Museum of Appalachia! I have a wonderful booth facing the main lawn. Thursday had been youth day and the young people bought key chains, hand-sanitizer holders, necklaces, and American Girl doll clothing. They had a grand day! The wall of my booth was adorned with beach cover-ups for the younger princess.

crochet jacket

Colorful beach cover-up for the younger miss

The ribbon yarn necklaces have proven very popular, as have the soft crocheted rope necklaces with their lovely drape.

Though the weather today was stunning and hot, think about the coming of winter and consider a crocheted warmer for your delicate ears – every color!

crochet item

Ear warmers in wonderful colors

At the entrance to the festival, you are greeted with piles and heaps and baskets of pumpkins.


Piles of colorful pumpkins

Soda kegs from the days of soda fountains – do you remember those?

soda kegs

Soda kegs from the soda fountain days

A well-worn black kettle over fire, making soap:


Worn black kettle cooking up some soap

The Museum is dotted with mill stones of all sizes:

mill stone

Mill stone aslant

As the mill stones grind no more, these mossy pots have seen their better days:


Pots long past their service years

One of the biggest draws of this festival is the antique car display. Here’s one shiny example:

antique car from popular display

antique car from popular display

You have two more days of sunshine to visit the Museum of Appalachia for this crowd-pleasing autumn festival. Stop by my booth and say hello!

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Tino’s autumn festival: rain and sun

Two days of rain and one day of beautiful sun: that’s autumn in East TN. I had a wonderful new booth location and my American Girl dolls watched in their little blue Frozen hats.

Tino’s gallery is a charming old house, decorated for autumn and guarded over by wonderful scarecrows.


Smiling scarecrow

This intriguing antiques tent is here every year, near the savory chicken and dumpling/apple fritter booth of Applewood Restaurant.


Charming antique items

The pumpkin crop this  year has been spectacular. From traditional orange:


Traditional pumpkin

to a pumpkin that looks like lace!


Lace? no, it’s a pumpkin

Would you prefer nubby pumpkins? We’ve got those.

Ribbon yarn is so versatile. Here’s a basic lightweight ribbon yarn necklace, and then the same yarn crocheted over elastic for a fuller look, but still feather light.

crocheted necklaces

Ribbon yarn necklaces

While I watched the crowds go by from my booth on the large lawn, I could hear the music:

bluegrass band

Bluegrass Gospel music

The Tino farm has modern, of course, but I love the older sections where once functional wagons now merge with the earth, weathered by sun and rain.

old wagon wheel

Wagon aging

This festival is over for the year, but coming up, I invite you to join me for the Appalachian Museum’s Tennessee Fall Homecoming Festival, 2015. We expect great weather and a fabulous festival. Come and join me October 9-11 in Norris, TN.

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Smoky Mountain Homecoming: Robert Tino 2015

It’s festival time in east TN!! For me, the season opens with the wonderful Robert Tino Smoky Mountain Homecoming, an annual autumn celebration that stays the same wonderful size every year. So save a day during the October 2-4 festival.

My booth

My booth

You will find local and heritage crafters with their booths in the green and rustic setting on Route 66 heading out of Sevierville, TN. Sit on a hay bale and listen to bluegrass music with a bag of fresh kettle corn on your lap. Check out the tents full of antiques. The festival offers a pick-and-paint pumpkin class and kids’ art classes throughout the day. You can watch cornmeal being ground, soap being made, and perhaps a blacksmith working on iron.

You might see a llama:

young llama

young llama keeps watch

You might see a skull:

Skull in the barn

Skull in the barn

So come along and join the fun!

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2015 Bloomin’ BBQ & Bluegrass Festival in Sevierville, TN

My American Girl dolls, beautifully garbed for spring and summer, welcome you to this great family festival: food, music, local vendors, and a great BBQ competition.

AG girls welcome you

A few new items graced my booth: one American Girl doll is wearing a hat modeled on the famous Disney film, “Frozen.” Adorable! I enjoyed making the looping yarn necklaces which offer the fashionable woman a number of ways to wear them. and boot cuffs! I know it’s spring right now, but keep winter in mind – it’s important to be stylish in the winter chill.

The festival welcomed visitors with an arch of balloons and some colorful mascots:

In addition to huge modern BBQ-producing trailers with their massive black and chrome exteriors, we also have shades of the past: a lovely blue antique truck.

antique truck

Antique truck

John Deere engine

John Deere engine

Doughnuts? pulled pork? good coffee? ribs? and kettle corn, heaped on a vendor’s cart.

kettle corn

Heaps of kettle corn

Signs reminiscent of yesteryear also made for a colorful sight.

One rain shower, of course, but lots of great music, portable sport chairs, dolled-up dogs, and lots of contented people. I hope you go to join us in Sevierville for the fun.

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Time for BBQ and Bluegrass in Sevierville!

Downtown Sevierville, TN will host the annual Blooming’ BBQ & Bluegrass festival this Friday (5-10) and Saturday (9AM – 10 PM), and I will be there for the festivities!! Think great food, great music, and vendors galore. Here’s one sample of my goodies:

crocheted beach bag

Sunny bag for beach gear

Event is free and will feature 50 of the nation’s top barbecue teams competing in the Bush’s Best Tennessee State Championship Cook Off (that’s a mouthful of title!). And you can sample and vote for the best pulled pork for a $10 during the People’s Choice Contest from 2:30-3:3- Saturday. The usual platters of goodies:

In addition to the beach bag, do consider crocheted barefoot sandals for your elegant summer feet or embellished flipflops.

And be sure to keep your eye out for an assortment of pigs, of course.




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Holiday Bazaar to Benefit Angel Wings Memory Gowns

This Saturday, November 8, in Pigeon Forge, TN, a group of dedicated people will hold an Angel Wings Memory Gowns fundraiser at the Smoky Mountain Jubilee Theater. Angel Wings Memory Gowns was created to help families during the devastating time of the loss of their baby.
Their talented seamstresses re-purpose wedding and formal gowns into complementary burial gowns for babies who never make it home from the hospital.

satin baby gown

Memory Gowns

The event takes place from 10:00 AM -4:00 PM and is being held at a theater directly across from the Titanic exhibit. Lots of things will be going on: kiddie train rides, bounce houses, silent auction, vendors, crafters, food and concessions, face painting, and pictures with Santa. Come along and join us for this event!

For more information, check this link.

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